Alien: Isolation Copyright Claims (Believe YT News)

Don’t panic if you’ve gotten one of these copyright claims, it’s most likely false.

Firstly you aren’t the only person having this issue, other YouTubers are also getting claims from the same company (Which, isn’t affiliated with SEGA or Creative Assembly), a CA Mod on the Alien: Isolation forum mentions this, the link to the forum thread is below.

If you’ve received one of these copyright claims then dispute it under ‘Fair Use’ and mention how you think Believe YT News does not have the rights to claim your video as SEGA and Creative Assembly are the content creators of the game, also mention if you’ve been following the You Tube guidelines of each company and mention if you have written permission to upload or monetise your videos.

Hey all,
Just to keep you updated,
We are aware that some of our users are receiving DMCA take-down notifications issued against their YouTube account/videos from groups not affiliated with SEGA or Creative Assembly. We are looking into this and will have an update shortly.

As you can see, Creative Assembly are aware of the problem and are supporting the community, hopefully these issues get sorted out in no time!

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Thoughts on a Thumbnail

10:54 PM – Noi: i’ve seen things on the internet
10:54 PM – Noi: but that thing
10:54 PM – Noi: it scares me

Thank you friend for that inspiring quote! Hmm well actually it is a little creepy…

If you’re wondering that was one of my friends responses to the Alien: Isolation thumbnail I’m using for my play-throughs, and well to be honest if it’s scary I guess that’s good since the game is supposed to be scary so… why not a scary thumbnail eh?

Check out Alien: Isolation here

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