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Hey all, Just to keep you updated, We are aware that some of our users are receiving DMCA take-down notifications issued against their YouTube account/videos from groups not affiliated with SEGA or Creative Assembly. We are looking into this and will have an update shortly. Thanks, -Raxir
Raxir, CA Mod

Alien: Isolation Copyright Claims (Believe YT News)

Don’t panic if you’ve gotten one of these copyright claims, it’s most likely false. Firstly you aren’t the only person…

Alien: Isolation – Thoughts on the first 2-3 hours

So far Alien Isolation has been great, I find the pacing is fine, depending on how much exploration you do…

I've seen things on the internet... but that thing, it scares me
A Friend

Thoughts on a Thumbnail

Thank you friend for that inspiring quote! Hmm well actually it is a little creepy… If you’re wondering that was…

Alien: Isolation – Video # 1!

Video #1 of my Alien: Isolation play-through. So far the game’s looking good and the situation is *fine*

Hello World!

Oh… it’s you… ¬†Goodbye old site, hello new site. Time to start fresh! Here I post updates on my YouTube…

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