Repetitive Games Are… Boring?

Are they though? Are they really? Look at those swings up there ^, all they do is go back and forth but that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying them. Let’s look at the definition of repetitive. According to my friend Google: re·pet·i·tive means “containing or characterised by repetition, especially when unnecessary or tiresome.” And its […]

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Sir, you are being Total Warred

Did you see these past two Humble Bundles? They are amazing! Get over there now if you haven’t already. What’s next for the YouTube channel: Sir, You Are Being Hunted and Total War: Arena. Some footage of Arena is being uploaded as we speak and some amazing cooperative British robot hunting will be coming after […]

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Steam’s 10 Cent Store

Prepare your wallets steam users becau-…A DISCOUNT! MINE, MINE, MINE! Steam, it’s the biggest platform for us video gamers to buy and play games; and to interact with each other. On it are large AAA games as well as small (or sometimes large) indie games. Nonetheless no matter what type of game it is, as […]

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Skype is Down. DOWN!

Did you turn it off and back on again? Did you clear your cookies? Maybe Google… Sorry I mean bing a solution? #SkypeDown — Lewy (@ldhumphs) September 21, 2015 Skype is down! down I say! nooooo!!11!!!!!1!!! In all seriousness though it looks like the Skype servers are down and the devs are aware of the […]

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